Michael P. Sullivan

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Nashville, TN

Email: Michael.P.Sullivan at me dot com

Mobile: +1-662-202-7716


  1. More than 15 years of IT Focused Managerial and Supervisory Experience in Financial Industry Covering Core Areas of IT Financial Transactions Operations, Regulatory Compliance, Budget Management and Vendor Relations.

  2. More than 30 years experience in Architecture, Development Methodology, Project Management, Implementation, and Management of Distributed UNIX and Oracle Computing Systems.

  3. Core Industries include Software Development, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications and Internet Commerce 


DCS, LLC, Tokyo and Nashville, TN                                                                         May 2009 - Present

Principal, Consulting Services

Clients:  Various (Confidential due to NDA)

  1. VPN and Firewall services using pfSense, Snort, IPSec, and OpenVPN.

  2. Digital forensics investigation and audio surveillance forensic reconstruction and transcription.

  3. Proposal for a client to replace their NetApp NAS storage with Open Storage Solution using OpenSolaris and ZFS.

  4. Designed and prototyped Small/Medium sized business NAS storage appliance based on ZFS and able to easily increase capacity by adding additional or larger disks to the appliance.

  5. Designed backup service for DaaS Cloud-based storage to compliment the NAS appliance.

  6. Designed Cloud-based extensible virtualized disk for use with NAS appliance with data encryption, compression and de-duplication.  Each NAS appliance was further isolated by using its own independent virtual machine in the cloud to access its individual, isolated virtualized storage.

  7. Given numerous presentations on OpenSolaris at Sun Microsystems for numerous groups and user communities focusing on ZFS and several other unique features built into the OpenSolaris/Solaris operating systems.

  8. Promoted the growth of the Solaris and OpenSolaris communities to other user groups and communities in Tokyo as one of the Tokyo/Japan Solaris Users Group leaders.

  9. Developing training materials to compliment the OpenSolaris Bible, including classroom lecture and exercises.


Mississippi New Venture Challenge (2nd Place) - May 2011.

Aozora Information Systems Tokyo                                                                        Feb 2006 - May 2009

Aozora Bank

Manager - Production Management Division

  1. Responsible for planning and controlling $33M budget for the Production Management Division and for preparing reports for President of Aozora Information Services and Board of Directors.  Identify variances and determine cost recovery procedures.

  2. Reduced costs such as redundant systems monitoring software, unnecessary maintenance contracts, systems consolidation and reductions in operational labor expenses resulting in a 15% year over year savings for two years and a total of $9M savings.

  3. Designed and managed project to prototype new cost accounting and chargeback system within SAP.

  4. Designed and implemented cost allocation and chargeback model for incorporation into the SLA with firm to recover internal IT costs.

  5. Prepared Policy, Procedure, and Process documents based on COBIT and ITIL in areas such as Data Management, System Access Controls, and Production Release and Implementation to present to Board of Directors for acceptance of FSA audit materials.

  6. Consulted with application development teams regarding best practices application design and implementation.

  7. Oracle OCS installation and support from pilot project to full production implementation.

  8. Defined Oracle Installation Standards, Unix File System Standards, Various other Unix and Systems Standards for the Unix/Linux environments.

  9. Determined security policies and defined access control on servers.

  10. GFS Clustering for TIBCO EMS, which also included destructive application testing simulating multiple component failures.

  11. Oversaw implementation of system monitoring with tools such as NAGIOS, SWATCH, Oracle GRID Control and other tools for the NOC including escalation lists and procedures.

  12. Managed backup and recovery architecture using rsync and Legato on EMC SAN and NAS.

DCS, LLC, Tokyo                                                                                                        May 2005 - Jan 2006

Principal Consulting Services

Clients:  Simplex Asset Management and InsureMyTrip.com

  1. Managed Internet Services System Migration from one data center to new data center, including upgrading all Open Source software to include Solaris system configuration and patching, web servers, mail servers, mailing list servers, DNS services and other supporting services.

  2. Reviewed Windows System and Network Architecture for private Hedge Fund in Tokyo and made recommendations for improvement following internal audit.

  3. Created proprietary online trading system to client specifications and requirements.

KBC Securities Japan, Tokyo                                                                                    May 2002 - May 2005

Associate Director - Head of Systems

Systems Architecture, Implementation, and Support Group Division 

  1. Managed group of 5 employees in Systems division and reported to CIO.

  2. Developed per project business cases and costing for CIO and CFO budgetary and project approval. Responsible for all aspects of daily systems operations support for; Front Office, Back Office, Research, and other support areas including: 24 / 7 Telecommunications, Networking, Database Administration, UNIX and Windows Server Administration, End User Support, and Vendor Relations.

  3. Supported the Global Standardization of Systems Architecture and Infrastructure by working with Global counter-parts.

  4. Provided on-site IT development support and guidance to software developers in best Systems Practices.

  5. Performed all aspects market data support for Bloomberg and Reuters platforms, including upgrades of both Bloomberg and Reuters infrastructures.

  6. Managed planning and implementation of FIX network for development team.

  7. Performed Oracle Database migrations and upgrades.

  8. Implemented the increased uptime and availability of the systems to less than 2 incidents per year.

  9. Managed a project to Standardized Server Computing Hardware and Routing Hardware increasing reliability and ability to recover quickly from any single system failure.

  10. Performed BCP testing once a year in August.

  11. Managed the systems BCP planning and implementation for Tokyo.

Cable Vision Corporation, Bethpage, NY                                                                   Oct 2001 - May 2002

Manager of Distributed UNIX Systems, Systems Management

  1. Managed group of 15 UNIX Systems Administrators.

  2. Provided 24/7 support of mission critical systems for major cable TV operations in New York Metropolitan Area.

  3. Planned department budget of $1.5M annually.

  4. Managed and mentored junior staff and assisted systems programming teams in best Systems practices.

DCS, LLC, New York Metropolitan Area                                                                    Oct 1994 - Oct 2001

Principal - Consulting Services

Clients:  InsureMyTrip.Com, Recollections, Inc (“MyPublisher.Com), Aero-Vision Technologies, SkyMall.Com, National Tele-Communications, Sun Microsystems, and Sun Professional Services

  1. Managed groups of 4 to 15 UNIX Systems and Database Administrators.  One project consisted of 5 geographically distributed developers.  Most projects reported to CTO or CIO management level.

  2. Managed implementation of strategic information system architecture designs for internal and external Internet commerce providing applications such as insurance comparison, product fulfillment (iPhoto Books), Internet access kiosks for hotel industry, and telecommunications provisioning systems.

  3. Designed and implemented a backup and recovery plan for client data centers.

  4. Designed and implemented Oracle RDBMS development system architecture, including physical database installation and configuration.

  5. Conducted routine security audits.

  6. Integrated the production system into a homogenous corporate network consisting of Solaris, Linux, Windows NT, and Mac OS.

Merrill Lynch, New York, NY                                                                                        Apr 1992 to Oct 1994

Assistant Vice President / Project Manager / Senior Systems Architect, Distributed Financial Systems

  1. Provided applications and systems architecture for financial applications migration project moving Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Human Resources, and other mainframe-based systems to a distributed computing architecture on Sequent and Oracle RDBMS. 

  2. Provided development support and training to staff of 200 developers, production application support, capacity planning, tuning, operation procedures, and standards for entire distributed computing project.

  3. Managed staff of three systems administrators and provided backup for Oracle DBA support.

  4. Provided technology selection including data transfer protocols, MVS system connectivity, liaison with Network Engineering, MVS System Services, Data Center Operations, and capacity planning.


Merrill Lynch President’s Award for Excellence – First Quarter 1993.

Salomon Brothers Inc., New York, NY                                                                         Aug 1987 - Oct 1991

Project Manager, Investment Banking Division                                                                            Mar 1989 - Oct 1991

  1. Designed, implemented, and supported national network infrastructure for Global Headquarters and Domestic Branch Investment Banking offices, including standardizing the UNIX environment for 40 servers and more than 900 client nodes in the investment banking network.

  2. Managed and supervised a staff of twelve PC and UNIX administrators, four software developers, and two network engineers. 

  3. Oversaw the move of the Investment Banking group to the new World Headquarters consisting of 900 node forty server SunOS/PC-NFS network with no service interruption.

  4. Constructed five Investment Banking floors in 7 World Trade Center from bare concrete.

Salomon Brothers Inc., New York, NY

Systems Analyst, Financial Division                                                                                             Aug 1987 - May 1988

  1. Responsible for supporting the Financial Systems development team members with productivity and CASE tools, and systems support for both Sun and Novell networks.

  2. Designed and implemented an Options Allocation Model using Oracle for the London Regulatory Reporting Group.

Salomon Brothers Inc., New York, NY

Systems Analyst, Financial Division                                                                                            May 1988 - Feb 1989

  1. Researched CASE tools and software development methodologies for all Corporate Divisions and provided internal consulting services on best practices.


Salomon Brothers Business Technology Organization Communications Award – Feb 1991

Salomon Brothers Business Technology Organization Communications Award – Feb 1990

UCCEL Corporation, Dallas, TX                                                                                    Apr 1985 - Jul 1987

Systems Analyst, Corporate Research and Development

  1. Participated in UCCEL next generation banking software development, providing support to the Knowledge Transfer Group and developing productivity tools to automate creation of technical and other documentation products.

  2. Designed and implemented an automated technical reference manual generator that read program source code and interfaced with the project data dictionary tool to produce technical reference documents.

Technical Skills

Applications:           Microsoft Office, iWork, Omni Graffle, Omni Plan, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Software:                 X Window System, CDE, GNOME, ZFS, GFS, Veritas, Sun Disk Suite, Apache/SSL, Apache (mod_perl, mod_ruby), Jserv, Jrun, Oracle Application Server, LDAP, DNS, NIS, Sendmail, Majordomo, Subversion, CVS, RCS, SCCS, Make, NFS, Automount, Samba, Secure Shell(SSH), Tiger, TCP-Wrappers, Tripwire, NMAP, SATAN, COPS, Snort

Database:                Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, 8.x, 7.x, PostgreSQL 8.x, 7.x, MySQL, Berkeley DB, Oracle Financials 11.0.3, Oracle OCS

Programming:         Bourne Shell, Perl (Object Oriented, DBI, CGI, Tk), Objective C, C, SQL, Ruby, HTML, XML, UML, Java Script, PL/SQL

Systems:                  OpenSolaris, Solaris 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 2.6, Linux, Mac OS X,, Mac OS X Server, SunOS 4.1.x, VMWare, Virtual Box, Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP, MVS (z/OS), TSO

Hardware:                Macintosh, Sun SPARC, Intel x86, SPARC Storage Array, Sequent Symmetry, IBM 4341, 4381, 3090, Z-Series

Network:                  TCP/IP, PPP, NTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, NAT, Berkeley Sockets, Cisco Router Configuration, Firewalls, IPSec, OpenVPN, pfSense, Security Analysis, SSH Tunneling, Oracle Net8, FIX, Bloomberg, Reuters, F5


University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX                                                        1987

Bachelor of Business Administration - Information Systems

Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN                                                                     Part Time/Current

Graduate Student - Neuroscience / Psychiatry





Available on request.


Willing to relocate.

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